The Only Exception
The Only Exception
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 7:57 AM | 0 comments Miss.B will show you disadvantages of using facebook.actually i have a facebook too but i don't know why i'm post this articles..ahaks!...

Social networking has been a common use on the internet in today’s generation. Throughout the past, we had social networking sites which did not make it uphold a longer life than those which have ended up being very popular. One of these popular social networks is Facebook which has over millions of members connecting with friends every day with new members joining daily. Facebook is also free of cash which adds a reason why it is so popular. Facebook helps you connect yourself with friends that you might have not seen for many years and those who now live in another part of the world. Despite the good uses of Facebook, it has its disadvantages. If you’re not a user of Facebook yet, you will soon realise yourself the problems that Facebook can cause...

1) Threat of viruses!
Facebook is filled with thousands of daily users from around the globe and there is no surprise if you discover a number of viruses storming through most of the pages. There is no surprise to believe that Facebook involves several hackers who actually steal other peoples account. Regular Facebook users can tell you how they notice suspicious activity occurring while they are not logged in. The reason how this occurs is because hackers cleverly send viruses to hundreds of members and succeed in stealing their own data.
2) Spam and scams!
This problem wouldn’t be on Facebook alone. Other social networking sites like Myspace and Bebo are full of spam and scams! Many users receive emails nearly every day from anonymous users asking to date and chat on other websites. It continuously becomes frustrating to receive all these useless spam emails and no solution is being revised.
Scam is an extra problem for the users. Unfortunately, some scammers trick members and scam them in so many ways to steal their accounts. A ordinary recognized trick could be through a phishing website which looks very similar to Facebook and fools people in believing that they are still on the official Facebook website. Once a member logs in using the email and password, scammers can now access his account and scam his friends, spreading further spam and malware through the website. Fake websites can also steal your bank information if consumers fall prey to their advertisements. If you have never come across a problem like this before, it is your responsibility to avoid such a threat and keep your information secure.
3) Waste of life!
Facebook can be very addictive for its members. Once you stay connected with friends, you will realize how often you login for another chat and discover what other members are doing. Some people know the drawbacks of Facebook but cannot help staying connected with old friends who they haven’t seen in years. All this will certainly make you addicted to Facebook and will stop you from deleting your account.
Many hours may also pass and you could have done something more important than using Facebook. Several members of social networking sites actually use them throughout the day and night without any sense at all.
4) Ruining your professional life!
You might be one of those millions of people who are unemployed and use Facebook to post offensive images of you and your friends. Though it is fun and provides humour for all your friends to see, it can be a major drawback when you apply for a job. Employers will want to know more about you and by searching on these social networking sites which contain your offensive content, employers may get distressed and could result in losing the job role that you applied for. There might have been a high chance of getting the job, but because of your social network page, your chances were ruined. The first site they would search would be on Facebook because it’s the most popular. More people are leaving other social networking sites for Facebook itself.
Looking at all these drawbacks, your life will become a waste of time and avoid you from doing more enjoyable activities than having to sit on your seat and type away for many hours. Facebook is good for staying in contact with friends, but you need to understand that these sites can be used to some extent, but not over the limit.

Actually...just one reason i open my facebook....TO PLAYING GAMES!!..ahaks!,i play baking life,cafe life,restaurant city and many more! kay , only that i wanted to share with you all...last word from me...BEWARE WITH FACEBOOK!..kay..Asalamualaikum..

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