The Only Exception
The Only Exception
I'm Come Back !!
Friday, November 23, 2012 | 7:36 AM | 0 comments
Asalamualaikum pembuka bicaraa ..

Heiyoo . Its such a lone time i didn't "clean up" my blog doesn't it ?
God it really fast ! i felt like baru semalam beli beg sekolah =="
Nothing to say but welcome 2013 ! ( blom lagi kott ==")

I already comfort at SMABT or SMA Bugisiah Tampok .
but my mom said that if my result going bad i will being transfer to the new sch .
Gosh . I really can't accept Arabian Subject . I don't know why but i felt that arabian is making
me suck !
I can't force myself to accept that .

But its ok . Next year i will sure my academic and arab will being good . pray for me -.o

Ilalliqa' !

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